Hey, long-time evey trolls


Poophead McGee
Staff member
Can you guys post some proof of her doxxing? I know you guys have some proof of her admitting she doxxed raasy because she was "scared" or something like that.

We're looking for objective proof that she indeed doxxed people.

If you don't want to post it here, hit me up on reddit or discord.
The only hard evidence I've got is from her days on Google as Spikedust. That's all the way from 2002 though, so I'm not sure anyone would take it seriously. I've seen more recent examples from her time on Bluelight, and I'm sure on Reddit as well, depending on your definition of doxxing. Calling someone by their firstname, which Evey considers doxxing, or posting identifiable information?


If anyone's interested in more Evey history, the Internet Archive has some archived versions of her site spikedust.co.uk

Not gunna link it here. The mong doxxes her entire family and friends on it as well as herself.